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new thoughts
thinking = good
Who? Me? Yeah, I kick ass. 
4th-Sep-2008 09:32 pm
It's time to dream. What do I want?

Material things:

A Tesla Roadster
Mindstorms -- check, Dad bought it, just came in the mail
XBOX -- check, Dad is bidding on one currently
....Did I mention my Dad rules? A very passionate, out of control, hilarious Man.
A comfortable house with a BIG kitchen and war room
Nintendo DS
To make loans on Kiva.org
Danskos - black shiny ones
Two chocolate labs or weimaraners or golden retriever... just two dogs, k?
My own business -- kind of have this, but want more
Cashmere sweater -- blood red

Not Material:

Time management
Planning and Budgeting
Perfect hair
lots and lots of love
good conversations.. more of them, i'm greedy about this
Perfect saturday afternoons
for my boyfriend Jim's cat, Justy, to be not wary of me
a perfectly organized and comfortable bedroom
to name my favorite inanimate objects with impunity and without scorn
inspiration for my new sketchbook, it's been awhile and I'm rusty and I remember being "good" because I had inspiration and friendly competition

What I already have, a sweet little inventory of the things that already comprise my joyful existence:

Beautiful Katamari
A Kick-Ass Boyfriend
Green 4X4
Green accessories and clothing
Perfume that I revel in smelling every morning
Amazing Parents -- 4 of them!
Amazing Siblings -- mostly Joel and Tom are the best brothers EVER
Laptop, specially rigged with love by my Dad: with duct tape and a soldering iron
Eleven highly important DVDs
an iPod
six of the most amazing, inspiring handbags with some coordinating wallets and change purses and keychains that are also quite exceptional
shiny shiny shiny toys
a pen and card case from Seoul
a gecko from Hawaii
a bookmark and keychain from The Supreme Court
a katana
pottery from Erin
a gargoyle
Lots of very pretty towels so that my hair even looks pretty when you can't see it
AWESOME running shoes, and the shoes they replaced (I can't bear to part)
notes from every important class and seminar and trip I have ever taken
---i should really type those up
OBAMA '08 poster
a passport card and traveling implements -- if I plan, eventually the day will come when I leave this country for a sojourn to the rest of the world
Ganesh in several forms
water bottles -- highly important
Chanel, Dior, Shu Umera, Shisiedo, wtf ever I have some amazing makeup; because my face is a fun place to paint?
a motion detecting robotic ladybug from my Step-Dad :)
Jasmin perfume from India -- TY Charlene
A rather well-rounded wardrobe and book collection -- Thank you, Mom!
A Bachelor's Degree -- THANK YOU!!!!!

I'm in list mode.
That is all, I met some CEOs today, CEOs are a rare breed.
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